The Gift of Gab

The Secondary Wing Inter-House Elocution Competition held at DRSIS was a competition worth witnessing with student speakers from Grades VI-VIII and Grades IX-XII belonging to different Houses presenting speeches on trending topics with great effort and enthusiasm. The students had the choice of speaking on either of the two topics, ‘Disbursing political patronage in education’ or ‘Higher education versus skill acquisition’ for Grades VI-VIII and ‘Why should we try new things’ or ‘Is social validation required for self-esteem?’ for Grades IX to XII.

The objective was to mould the students into more spontaneous, expressive and eloquent individuals as well as to inculcate confidence and conviction in their way of speaking. It provided a perfect platform on how to speak in public as well as develop their persuasive skills in speech. The competition also aided the students in honing their knowledge, grammar, pronunciation, accent, style, and tone for public speaking. The participants were judged on the parameters of content and communication skills, delivery and diction, voice modulation and expression and body language.

The students put in their best efforts to collate their content on the chosen topic and contemplated on the contemporary themes with moral and practical applications. The competition was quite interesting and influenced the receptive audience and judges who applauded and appreciated the performances.

Overall, the budding orators at DRSIS captivated the minds and created a sense of satisfaction with their praiseworthy performances.