The Art of Elocution! Intra-Group Elocution Competition-Residential

Elocution is an art that is difficult to master! Our residential students spoke eloquently at the Intra-Group Elocution Competition held for them on 8th July 2018. They were given an opportunity to exercise their speaking skills through the intra-group elocution competition. The topics given for each group ranged from creative ones to ones that required them to take sides. The topics for Grades IV -V included topics such as ‘If I were a character in a book, I would be …’,’Things I love about my school’, ‘My favorite thing about summer’, ‘How do rainbows work’, and ‘What could you do without television or video’. Topics for Grade VI-VIII ranged from reflective ones such as  ‘What being compassionate means to me’, ‘If I had three wishes, they would be…’ to out of the box ones such as ’Why do we have dreams when we sleep’, ‘How do animals talk to each other’. The thought-provoking topics for IX-XII were ‘One thing/advice that has changed my life…’’My inspiration is…’,’Make in India vs. Make for India’, ‘If I could change one thing about the world, it would be…’,’What is more important: Doing what’s right or being popular’, and even ones such as ‘Something I have done that I am proud of…”.

Boarders enjoyed speaking on the topics of their choice. They spoke passionately and with conviction. It was educative for the listeners and the participants learned to overcome stage fear, master their flow of thought, and non-verbal communication etc. Overall, the elocution competition was an engaging learning experience for all the students.