DRS International School recently organized the Microsoft Innovative Educator Experts [MIEE] Summit on 22nd September 2018. About 14 schools joined the MIEE program dedicated to supporting educators in our journey towards using technology effectively in the classroom. The summit introduced us to the innovative tools and technology that enable us to embrace next-generation interactive teaching techniques.

The summit was led by Ms. Meenakshi Oberoi, an MIEE Expert from Microsoft Educators Community who is an active facilitator and has been collaborating with schools to impart training. The program helped us educators explore the different apps that are in-built in the Microsoft outlook365 account and understand the ease with which they can be used in online /offline modes, in classroom or off-campus.

We found the applications were definitely more appealing and user-friendly than the Microsoft Office Suite.  Ms. Oberoi walked us through a few apps that could be used on a regular basis by the teachers. We were engaged in creating forms, survey for PT meet, Power-Point Presentations, newsletters and were amazed by the ease in which these tasks could be made simpler and faster with these tools. The most useful application by far, was one we could use to create quizzes, homework, and assessments that could be formative in nature and instantly graded, ultimately improving student outcomes. As part of a digital learning community, the training helped enhance our pedagogical approaches in the classroom. Overall it was a very refreshing enriching summit that helped us become more connected, tech-savvy and innovative educators.

-Ms Archana Reddy, IBDP Facilitator