Taking Stands, not Sides- Inter-House Elocution Competition

DRS International School hosted its first Inter-House Activity of the year on 18th April, 2018-.The Inter-House Elocution Competition.The Elocution Competition enhances one’s communication skills, boosts confidence, aids in overcoming stage fear and encourages students to develop and express their thoughts and opinions meaningfully. 
Our students had the choice of speaking on one of the given two topics, Grade IX students chose to either speak about ‘Why Internet is not a reliable source of information’ or ‘Dissent is essential for a successful democracy’ while students of Grades VI-VIII articulated their opinions on ‘My views on present Education/Examination system’ and  ‘Why, we should be proud of Diversity in India’.
The insights our students articulated on-stage resonated well with the audience and had a powerful and thought-provoking impact. Each of the judges also encouraged the participants and audience alike to reflect upon the themes of the day, as well as technique and delivery.
Although there will be a winner declared for both the categories, participation is the crucial element to any competition and the school appreciates each participant’s effort and unique contributions.