Supporting Sustainability

The IB PYP Exhibition for the graduating class of Grade V of the Academic Year 2018-2019 was held on 9th March 2019 at DRSIS. The exhibition saw our students share their exploration of the transdisciplinary theme – ‘Sharing the Planet’, through the Central Idea that had collaboratively framed– ‘Humans make choices to support the sustainability of Earth’s Resources’ and its Lines of Inquiry – ‘Exploring the Earth’s Resources’, ‘Balance Between Human Choices and Earth’s Resources’, and ‘Our Responsibility in Supporting the Sustainability of Earth’s Resources’.

A special assembly was conducted on the occasion, by the Grade V students which began with a warm welcome note and a brief introduction about the exhibition to the Parent Community present at the event. This was followed by a performance integrating ‘The Arts’ such as a song titled ‘Forces of the Earth – This should be our motto’ and a collaborative dance performance to the tune of ‘What About Us’ by Michael Jackson on ‘Nature’. They also portrayed a dance-drama to portray the impact of the human actions on the earth resources and also took an oath to preserve and nurture our resourceful mother earth. After this, the parents dispersed to visit the displays at the exhibition and interact with the students.

The exhibition was entirely student-led and was a celebration of their mastery of knowledge, concepts, skills, and dispositions through action. At all the stages of the exhibition, right from planning, to the preparation and final presentation, our facilitators assessed the students as they worked together in groups, framing Central Ideas, developing thoughts, discussing the theme, making models and displays, based on their previous classroom and beyond classroom inquiries and investigations. At the Exhibition, the students represented their projects and gave thoughtful and compelling presentations to the parents explaining why it is important to save Earth’s resources and ways to use it judiciously and wisely.

Overall, the exhibition proved to be a great platform for our PYP students as they not only found out possible solutions for local to global problems but also presented their findings to the wider community for benefit and betterment of self and society.