Summer Splash

A ‘Summer Pool Party’ was organized for our kindergarteners of IK-1 at DRSIS which added joy to their learning about their ongoing Unit of Inquiry on the central idea ‘Changes in the climate can affect our lifestyle’.

Our tiny tots turned up in colorful swimming suits with hats and caps, sunglasses and umbrellas for the pool party. As soon as they gathered, a brief orientation was given to them about pool safety, the potential dangers in or around the pool etc to avoid accidents.

At the pool party, the little ones enjoyed various activities like reading story books for relaxation, enjoying energizing music, as well as relishing homemade snacks, treats, and refreshing drinks. They were also definitely quite excited and eager to get into the pool, the main attraction of the day.

The pool was the hub of activity, with our swimming coaches putting together an array of water play activities and challenges. The little risk-takers also enjoyed free play and exploration. They enjoyed getting wet under the water sprinklers and had quite a bit of fun with the colorful balls and floating toys that their teachers had handpicked for them.

The water-play activities strengthened their motor skills, sharpened their coordination skills and also developed their ability to build balance, propel and navigate in the water. To learn about how to keep themselves cool in summer, students engaged themselves in thinking and making connections about the food, clothing etc that is ideal for the summer season.

Overall, the ‘Summer Pool Party’ was a great way for our kinder kids to beat the summer heat.