So much to ‘Show & Tell’! Inter-House Show and Tell Competition

There’s nothing like a prop or an object to spark our little ones’ imagination- our students understand that objects have many stories to tell ! Our students of Grades I and II of the IB PYP were at eager communicators at the Inter-House Show & Tell Competition held recently.

The competition was the first Inter-House competition of the academic year for the PYP and was certainly one of the most awaited ones. The Show & Tell Competition is a unique platform for our little ones to develop and showcase their skills as communicators- whether it is speaking or presenting, with clarity & confidence. Our students tapped into their love for their favourite objects, and brought along props such as small cars, dolls, globes etc that they found fascinating.

The event inspired them to articulate their ideas and gave them the courage to overcome stage fear to take centre-stage. The competition left the audience spellbound by the talent and ability of the little ones.