Secondary Wing: Grade VI Field Trip to Deer Park in Shamirpet

A thrilling day was spent by the 6th graders of DRSIS on 9th July 2019, at the Deer Park in Shamirpet. The day was initiated by the team leader of ‘Dirty Feet’ Ms. Nivedita Mummadi on the theme ‘Nature Wise’. A wide range of activities was conducted for the students with the help of the staff there. Our students were divided into five groups (10 in each group) who were led by a guide belonging to the organization. They started their first activity called the ‘Seed Pod Race’. Each group was given a few sachets which included a variety of seeds. They were asked to search out the actual pod for the seeds that they had. They were given a time period of 30 minutes. Each and every group tried their best to collect the correct pods. In continuation to this, students also got a chance to visit the area where the deers are fed. Students were awestruck by the sight. Soon after this, the next activity began, for which students were again divided into 3 groups. They were sent to different locations to acquire knowledge about the following:-

  1. Interesting facts and characteristics of seeds
  2. Seed Travel
  3. Seed and pod musical session

Last but not least, the students also got a chance to enjoy a range of traditional and contemporary games with seeds and pods. Finally, the day concluded with a lot of memories and a motto for the day ‘If you love to breathe, save the trees.’