Reflections on the Academic Writing Workshop by Jahnnavi Desai, IBDP 1

Our class (IBDP-1) had our Academic writing workshop on 20th April 2018.
We started the day by learning the common errors in academic writing that
students often make, through a game of Bingo.
We continued with how to first conceptually analyze the question or the topic and we also learnt a claim-
example-counter claim-question method on how to proceed further after
conceptual analysis. Furthermore, we also got to know about the aspect of
building coherence – using pronouns, lexical signposts, and keywords. In addition
we played a quiz on kahoot related to the concept of building coherence. To add
to it we also got to know about how to identify our perspectives and limitations
as the writer.
In the other half of the day, we learnt about aspects of structuring of
the paragraph through the components of a para, title making and creating a five para essay. We
also learnt how to divide the topic into three components and then work on them
individually, then find a link between each other. This helps us to build our
breath of understanding about the topic and in increasing the nubmber of paras per
essay. Furthermore, we learnt how to write the introductory paragraph of the essay.
The workshop helped us in recognizing our mistakes, correcting them and in
improving the quality of the essay or any written assignment.