Red Reunion

The Red Day Celebrations by the International kindergarten at DRSIS, saw the IK tiny tots and teachers dress up in vibrant shades of ‘Red’ to mark a special significance of this bold and beautiful color. As a part of these celebrations, the kindergarten children actively participated in a Sing and Dance activity on the songs ‘Everything Red’ and ‘Gummy Bear’ which was an eye-catching event.

A fun-filled activity was conducted in the classroom like finding out the red objects in the classroom, sorting red color pencils, making Easter Egg and Easter Bunny takeaways, etc. Through an audio-visual presentation, they learned how to identify red objects and also gave their own examples of objects resembling red color like apple, tomato, strawberry, cherry, fire engine, stop signal, red rose, redfish, etc. These activities enhanced the IB Learner Profiles – ‘Thinker’, ‘Inquirer’, ‘Risk-taker’, ‘Knowledgeable’ and ‘Reflective’.

At the end of the day, they relished on red colored snacks like strawberry sweets, red chocos, red pastries, pomegranate, and watermelon. Overall, the celebration was a wonderful learning experience for the students.