Professional Development! Faculty Development IBDP

Lifelong learning is at the heart of our pedagogy at DRSIS. The Faculty Development Programme for our IBDP facilitators after the summer break, began with teachers reflecting on their professional development assignments done in the holidays and this involved much discussion on how to bring more creativity and innovation to our classrooms.

Day 2 of the FDP was completely dedicated to the unpacking of the Extended Essay, with teachers brainstorming on the assessment criteria, RPPF, RRS, and the EE exemplars. Day 3 of the FDP, on the other hand, accounted for discussion of the school policies that included the Academic Honesty, Language and Assessment Policies. Day 4 saw our teachers reflect on how the school’s practices align with the IB Standards and Practices for the Diploma Programme. Finally, on Day 5 our teachers spent time planning and preparing for the upcoming Parent Orientation and to welcome the new DP Batch of 2018-2020.