Inspiring our Teachers!Faculty Development Program

Our facilitators were welcomed back after their summer break with a week long Faculty Development Program designed to help them grow professionally and to keep them inspired with best practices from across the world.

Our IB PYP facilitators enjoyed sessions that focussed on strategies to foster collaboration and thinking in our classrooms such as ‘Teaching & Grouping Strategies’ as well as ‘Making Thinking Visible’. Sessions such as ‘Approaches to Teaching’, meanwhile, helped them revisit the core pedagogical beliefs and practices around which the IB curriculum revolves. The facilitators also shared their reflections of their professional development journeys over the summer break, sharing books they had read, new strategies and tech tools they had learned to use in the classroom.


Our secondary and senior secondary facilitators on the other hand, brainstormed on the different ways schools kill creativity and identified ways they could bring innovation back to the heart of classrooms. Facilitators also shared their knowledge of how to maximize their use of interactive smart boards and shared their favourite apps and tools for teaching. The sessions also saw many facilitators reflect on how they can best support their students in the classroom and spent time refining their planning for the current academic year to incorporate principles of differentiation.


The Faculty Development Programme certainly helped our facilitators look at learning and teaching anew and equipped them with a sharper set of tools, ideas and concepts to make the rest of the academic year more fulfilling for our students!