IBDP Wing: CAS Programme – Assam Flood Relief

More than 4 million people have been affected and around 90 dead owing to the very recent and deadly floods in Assam. Millions of people affected in Assam due to the brutal floods, seeking refuge in relief camps are in dire need of relief in terms of daily required supplies. Joining helping hands with the people to save the state and making small or big donations for the displaced people in Assam is what can actually make an impact and to serve that purpose the IBDP students at DRSIS, conducted a drive from 3rd to 7th August in the school campus to collect donations from school students and teachers. It took efforts to motivate people to make donations and convince them of the fact that the situation of the people affected by the floods can’t be ignored. The drive turned out to be a success: a good amount of donations were received and people who donated were happy doing so. The contribution is crucial to provide relief to families that are still struggling to get back on their feet and those who are displaced by the floods. It is our responsibility and our duty to worry and therefore work to provide aid to the affected people.