IB PYP Exhibition- Class of 2018 reflects on the evolution of technology!

To celebrate the culmination of their IB PYP learning journeys, our Grade V students presented their exploration of the theme ‘How The World Works’ through the Exhibition held today! The students proudly presented the projects, models, displays and posters they have collaboratively created to explore the central idea ‘Human Intelligence and Technology continue to evolve and influence our lives’.

The students made their exploration of the central idea visible, and embodied the attributes of the IB Learner Profile as well as the Approaches to Learning as they explained their findings and conclusions of each of the lines of inquiry. The vibrant exhibits and 3 D installations drew curious parents and interested peers alike from across the school.


The students insightfully explored the evolution of technology, its role in our daily lives and the spectrum of its scope in relation to their learning in Personal, Social & Physical Education, as well as Music, Visual & Performing Arts, besides Mathematics, through the Languages through their performances as well as their demonstrations.

The school community truly enjoyed the experience of thinking aloud about technology and added more meaning and depth to the exhibition by interacting keenly with our students.