How to keep your child busy in the holidays!

With two weeks of the summer break still to go, and the thrill of the holidays wearing off, you may wondering how to keep your kids busy in the holidays ahead. Summer camps, overseas trips and coaching classes aren’t everyone’s cup of tea and the hot weather doesn’t really allow for outdoor play. Worry not, because here at DRS International School, we have some ideas for what it takes to keep your child happy and engaged these holidays!

  1. Volunteering
    There are several organizations in Hyderabad that take in volunteers over the summer and could do with an extra hand. Volunteering helps your child develop empathy and vital skills such as leadership and confidence. If they’re too young to volunteer, your child can make a difference by taking a small step like keeping a bowl of water for birds this hot summer and be a part of something bigger like Blue Cross Hyderabad’s Water Bowl Project.
  2. DIY Activities
    There’s nothing like the joy of watching your thrilled child proudly show you something they made. Encourage your child to explore their crafty side with Do It Yourself Activities all summer long. Our Official Pinterest Page as well as countless YouTube channels have many great ideas for your child to explore. Trying these out with your little one is a great way for you to bond better as well.
  3. Random Acts of Kindness
    Challenge your child to perform one random act of kindness for every day left of the summer break. This could range from helping a sibling or a grandparent, watching out for an animal, cheering someone up or even signing up for a noble cause on Going out of their way to be kind is fulfilling in many ways. Check out our community outreach programme for more inspiration.
  4. Film Festival
    Set up your own film festival at home with the best of children’s movies. Skip the Disney films, and let your child experience some of the best of world cinema, with classics like Majid Majidi’s ‘Children of Heaven’ or ‘The Red Balloon’ by Albert Lamorisse. YouTube also has an excellent collection of short films for children that your child is sure to enjoy. Throw in some popcorn and turn off the lights to make it a cosy experience!
  5. Museum Tours
    While a trip to Salar Jung or Chowmahalla Palace is always a learning experience, your child will be thrilled to see museums around the world from the comfort of their own home! Many museums offer free virtual tours- click here for a great list of recommendations.


Do try these out and let us know if they work for you! If you need more ideas you can always write to us at or encourage your child to complete their holiday homework!