How to Help My Child Concentrate

Children are often playing and show keen interest in learning through play at DRS International School. Every parent has the same concern about child focus and concentration. Children are born ‘stronger’ in one or the other activities, but some children learn and strategize and also focus with attention. Yet the ability to concentrate and sustain attention among all the children is crucially important. Concentration needs focus and attentiveness of the children.

Before we head there, here is one thing you need to understand…

Children are naturally curious with endless energy!

Healthy eating for better concentration

Children need huge reserves of energy to get through their day. Eating healthy food has a direct link with how well a child concentrates. Eating junk food or sugar rich foods makes a child sluggish while food rich in proteins such as almonds or eggs has the ability to increase concentration levels! Eating green food metabolizes the body with antioxidant, which boosts children brain power.

Television and gadgets

Make sure televisions or distracting gadgets are switched while children are engaged in a task. Daily soaps serials or social media channels can easily distract concentration. Set a daily schedule out of their routine for challenging tasks; and ensure this scheduled time is followed.

Divide bigger tasks in to smaller tasks

Studying an entire chapter in one go is quite difficult for a child. It always helps to break a big task down in pages or even paragraphs so that the child feels a sense of accomplishment for finishing a small task and this will motivate him/her to continue. Set a time limit for the completion of a task.

Tune –in before a new task

When your child is busy, tell him what he has to do next, but in between let a few minutes, pass till he/she stops and starts the new activity. This advice is more valid, when a child is engaged doing something likes and enjoys doing, since there would be reluctance to stop what he is doing and begin something else. Tuning in to the next activity would help him/her concentrate more and get more enthused about the next activity.

Understand your child’s style of learning

  1. Visual learners –Children with this learning style prefer looking at images and pictures with colors, diagrams and videos.
  2. Kinesthetic learners- These types of children learn by action and feel of being a part of lesson, character or an object among the inquiry.
  3. Verbal learners –Children who prefer learning with sound and music learn very easily. Reading recitation conversations help them focus. This learner works best with words whether it’s through speech or writing. They read aloud and write things out in order to understand them.
  4. Reinforce and applaud-Praise your children on the completion of small task, Honor them with a star or some small gesture to recognize his/her efforts which really boosts confidence and helps him work more with better concentration.