Faculty Focus

Our IB PYP at DRSIS organized a Faculty Development Program on ‘Collaborative Learning Process for Learning and Teaching’ for the IB PYP Facilitators at DRSIS.

The FDP’s this year focused on ‘Enhanced PYP’ and bringing in ‘Agency’ into the classroom. The teachers collaboratively worked towards the changes that have to be brought into the classroom.

For the framework of the PYP curriculum, the program helped the faculty to gain a piece of in-depth knowledge about the key concepts of the curriculum, practical understanding of the pedagogy through various learning settings like sessions and seminars, workshops and worksheets, presentations and PPTs, activities and assignments, etc.

The FDP not only motivated the current IB PYP faculty members to improve their teaching experience and impart in the ‘Collaborative Learning Process’ but also helped the newly joined teachers to inculcate the best teaching practices and skills relevant to the International Baccalaureate. Overall, the FDP played a crucial role to achieve the best teaching cum learning environment for the teachers and students at DRSIS.