Exploring new Territory! Club Meet

Club Meets at DRS International School really push the envelope when it comes to innovation. Our students are always eager to discover what activities and projects their club mentors have in store for them. The second club meet of July saw students innovate with new ideas and new techniques, across the clubs.

Our musicians of the Music Club worked together to create their own composition, while the Cuisine Club carefully put together one of the most delectable desserts- a fruit pudding! Students of the Design and Technology Club, on the other hand, created their own melodies with the software, ‘Audacity’.

The DRSIS Community and Humane Club put finishing touches to their ongoing project of creating rakhi and friendship bands for a noble cause. The Performing Arts Club also made the most of the meet with a refreshing dance collaboration for freestyle dance moves. The Visual Arts Club completed crafting their jute pencil stands, putting passion into both the processs and the product. The MUN Club, likewise, got together to get to know their country a little better, digging up interesting facts and information from the MUN perspective.