Cricket, the Tasmanian Devil & Undergraduate Study Prospects- Visit from the University of Tasmania

Our students of the senior secondary wing were delighted to have an interactive session with the representatives of the University of Tasmania, Australia, one of the world’s top ranked and renowned universities, today.

Deciding on what to study, and where to study are one of the most defining choices a student can make at the cusp end of their schooling. Ms Katherine Halliday, from the Business School, Dr Dean Steer, from the School of ICT, Dr Prashant Bhaskar, Assistant Dean of the Australian Maritime College, and Mr Greg Marshall, Associate Director, International Student Recruitment & Marketing were speakers at the event.

Besides offering insight into life in Australia, and sharing anecdotes and snippets from some of the University’s better known Alumnus, including well-known cricketers, as well as students from all walks of life, the session also featured information regarding accommodation facilities and what kind of financing they will need to keep ready if choose to study at the UTAS campuses.

Over a coffee break, students engaged the university representatives with questions about eligibility criteria and subject choices offered by the University.