Con GRAD ulations! IBDP-2 Graduation ceremony(2016-2018)

The time has come! After two years of hard work, our students of IBDP-2 made it to the final stretch. From long all-nighters studying for a final exam, to hours spent in learning, researching and pouring out their reflections- it’s all amounted to this great final accomplishment. At the Graduation Ceremony held this morning, all our students’ families, friends, and faculty gathered to applaud their work. Students of IBDP 2 are now stepping out of the doors of the school as young, accomplished people with dreams and goals to fulfill.


The ceremony began with processional music that signified the arrival of our faculty, led by our Principal, Dr Muradia. Our Principal Dr. Muradia addressed  the parents and congratulated their students for their hard work and urged them to shoulder the responsibilities to come with strength and initiative. Our DP 2 students were then felicitated with awards and scrolls of honour. The ceremony also saw our DP 1 students honour their seniors with magazines they had put together for them to treasure their memories. The IBDP coordinator and the DP Faculty present also spoke to the students about the importance of one’s roots in stepping out into the world with confidence and the attributes of the IB Learner Profile. The ceremony ended with students from DP 2 taking to the dais to thank the school community and their families for standing by them through the IB DP journey.