Circles of View-points! Session on International Mindedness for IB PYP Staff

Exploring International Mindedness in the PYP Classroom.

This Saturday saw our PYP and IK Facilitators deepen their understanding of what it means to nurture International Mindedness in an in-house professional development session organized for them!
The session saw our facilitators explore how the IB Learner Profile, Transdisciplinary Themes and Multilingualism enable both facilitators and students to go beyond their own perspectives, and environment to look at global issues and differences with a unique, global ‘lens’.

Facilitators explored how diversity of perspectives deepen understanding through an Image-analysis activity. They examined what shapes their own beliefs and knowledge by creating their own ‘lens’, that invited them to reflect on their own perspectives. The facilitators recreated Ekalavya’s story to explore how multiple and diverse perspectives shape what we know. The facilitators also reflected on the school’s policy on International Mindedness and how each one of them could continue to contribute to its implementation. After these activities, the facilitators explored different thinking routines that can help thing bring alive International Mindedness in the classroom, such as ‘Circle of Viewpoints’, ‘What Makes You Say That?’, ‘Tug of War’ and ‘Step Inside’. These strategies will definitely help our students understand that ‘other people, with the differences can also be right!’