Adventure at the Hidden Castle!

Magic and mystery found our adventure-seeking Residential students in their Night-Out to the Hidden Castle Resort on the weekend of 23 & 24th June. The much awaited trip was a great success and gave students new experiences that challenged them to be more confident and risk-taking!


As soon as the magical castle opened its gates to our students, our students were thrilled to see the action-packed weekend that awaited them. Students chose adventure sports and experiences from across the circuit, including zip-lining, tree-top walking, sand volley ball, bicycle trails, archery and the tricky commmando net. A delightful magic show and karaoke event added cultural flair to their evening, while the ‘Spooky Tree’ and ‘Secret Tunnel Walk’ certainly sent shivers down some spines! Skeletons, ‘ghosts’ and eerie howling definitely added to the experience of the mysterious castle. The evening drew to an end with a cosy campfire and some dancing!

Our students woke up to a crisp morning in which they headed for a challenging four-kilometre forest trek. The sumptous outdoor breakfast that followed refreshed everyone just in time for some special team-building games like Electric Pole, A-Z Pick Ups, Roll the Ball, Reverse the Flow, Balloon Fart and Tug of War. The games definitely built our students interpersonal skills and ability to work as teams. The adventurous weekend was capped off with a round of exciting water-sports and a fun-filled rain dance that are sure to be remembered by our students for a long time to come.