A Mindful Morning

The IBDP-1 conducted the Morning Assembly on 1st April 2019,  Theme of the Month -‘Mindfulness’. The assembly began with the prayer for courage and school song initiated by the whole class. This was followed by a thought for the day based on the theme designated. The news interestingly featured news reports that were steeped in mindfulness and made an interesting addition to the theme.

Further, the class worked towards creating awareness towards social and environmental mindfulness through a speech. The speech enumerated the importance of awareness of emotions, actions and bodily sensations to the surroundings and its effect on other species and environment.

A poster of Buddha, combined with his thoughts on ‘Mindfulness’ was a befitting end to the theme, as well as for raising consciousness to be more open-minded towards the society and our surroundings.

The assembly concluded with our Principal’s address on key events and changes in the week and the national anthem.