4 Activities to Make the Most of a Rainy Day!

The monsoon is here, and we’re guessing your child is probably not thrilled to be indoors. Give the iPad some rest with these handpicked activities that both your child and you will enjoy playing:

1) An Indoor Obstacle Course
If your little one is a bundle of energy and is missing playing at their favourite playground, don’t let the rain dampen their spirits. Design a fun and safe indoor obstacle course for your little one to put their skills to the test. Clear the living room, roll out some rugs, and scatter boxes, buckets and baskets for your child to navigate. To add an extra element of challenge for an older child, throw in a blindfold and give them instructions yourself!

2) Rainy Day Crafts
If your child is artistically inclined, challenge them into creating these photo frames and pen stands that our students of the Visual Arts Club recently created. They also made fun cardboard mazes that your little one can surely give a try!

3) Flameless Cooking Experiments for Kids 
There’s only one thing children can’t resist besides eating a yummy dish- the opportunity to make it themselves. Give your little master chef a corner of the kitchen and let them cook up a storm. There are many easy recipes for flameless cooking that our Cuisine Club has explored this year that can inspire your child and make him or her forget all about gloomy skies and puddles.

4) Create a Family Crest Together
A rainy day is an excellent opportunity to build some family spirit. Round up your family and inspire everyone to give make your family crest a shot. Have some templates for banners and crests ready, and have fun discussing what your family motto can be. Our residential students made family crests for their families and had a blast creating them. It’s a great way to pinpoint what values and ideas your family stands for!


These offbeat ideas will definitely have your children begging for more rainy days. Do try out these rainy day games and family activities and let us know how it goes.